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Slow but Stick with It

The Cursed - Alyssa Day

I had this book for a good six months before I could finish it.  I kept picking it up, putting it down, picking it up, then putting it down.  I couldn't tell you why the difficulty, just that it was hard for me to get into the beginning.


The heroine is a bike messenger with a self-image complex due to being abandoned by her parents.  Her defeatist attitude got old and I found myself turning pages to get past them.  Even the hero--the bastard son of Lucretia Borgia--was a tad ridiculous at times.  He was cursed--not sure what kind of curse (I never felt it was explained sufficiently)--something that made him afraid to get close to anyone.  You would think these two issues would keep the couple apart for a good portion of the book, but they came together quickly despite them.  Too quickly for my tastes, despite the slowness of the first few chapters.  I never believed they knew enough about one another to be a good match.