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The Secret (Audiobook)--Julie Garwood; narrated by Rosalyn Landor

The Secret - Julie Garwood

This book is one of my favorite Garwood titles to read so I was excited to see how it would translate with Rosalyn Landor narrating. 


For the most part, it wasn't bad.  None of the characters sounded that far from what I had imagined.  With two exceptions.  Frances Catherine sounded a little younger? more girlish? than I had pictured. 


The other exception was Iain.  Every time I heard his voice, I had this image of a sly devil, winking cheekily out the corner of his eye as he spread mischief wherever he went..  I'm sure the intention was not for Iain to be a slick dude but that's what I got.  I got used to it--eventually--but I wouldn't have minded if she had gone another route.


Regardless of these two voice issues, this book was witty and funny and the narration was smooth and full of heart.  Landor threw herself into the performance so well, I know she had to have had a sore throat by the end due to all the male Scottish accents.  I will definitely be looking forward to more Garwood/Landor collaborations.