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New Year's Resolutions

With the beginning of each new year, hundreds of people across the globe resolve to make--and keep--promises that will better their lives. 


And I am no different.


Like those individuals, I start out with the best intentions but inevitably fail within the first few months.  Sometimes everyday life gets in the way and resolutions get pushed back and eventually forgotten.  Sometimes laziness trumps will power.


For this year, I determined to make a resolution I had a 95% chance of succeeding with.  And that, of course, led me to the biggest influence in my life: BOOKS. 


*For 2014, I resolve to be more cautious when it comes to my books.  I will not suffer through God-awful books featuring dominating billionaires who's demons can only be vanquished by naive virgins.


*I will try to spend less and visit the library.


*I will try to listen/read more of my VERY LARGE TBR list.


I think these are tasks I can definitely--and most importantly, easily and without much effort--try to accomplish.