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Bewitching the Duke - Christie Kelley Selina and her family have been the wise women of the village of Staffordshire for centuries. They have always had an compatible relationship with the Dukes of Northrop who own the land. Until eight years ago when Colin, the current Duke, lost his wife and blamed Selina's mother. Now, Colin has returned; still haunted by his loss and wanting no reminders of that time, which includes Selina.Despite the sad blurb, this was a good story. Selina was one of those heroines I enjoy reading about: stubborn determined, feisty, and engaging. Some heroines are so boring it's hard to connect to them; but not Selina. She was interesting from the start. Colin was a tortured hero but not so tortured you wanted to smack him for using his past as an excuse for his actions. His struggle was a legitimate one and well demonstrated, although I do think he forgave Selina awfully quick considering how long he mourned his wife.I can see the setup for a series involving the other wise women and the other Lords in the area. I hope the author continues this series, since I am particularly eager to see Mia's story. Tia's story not so much; she came off as selfish and immature, and I'm not sure if I like her yet.