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Escape - Kenya Wright Full review at http://temptingreads.blogspot.com/2013/03/review-escape.htmlWhile it could technically be called PNR, this was more urban fiction for me. It starts off right in the middle of the story, I mean, right in the middle. Told in first person, I get a sense of the heroine's thoughts but not information on the problems or the world. I didn't get much sense of her appearance either. It was almost enough to turn me off the story. Then the first illustration appeared. Yes, illustrations! This book has them every so often. They're not colored or extremely detailed, but sketches showing you the basic description of the characters.And it did get better. Helped of course by the hero. :) He was dark, mysterious, and dangerously sexy. He doesn't like the heroine, and shows it; then you notice how he treats her and realize his face hides a softer side. Not too soft but you can tell he is the type to protect women. And when he admits his feelings to Brie: wow! Smoking hotness. I had no problems seeing these two together; I wanted them together despite the obstacles that were in the way.