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Drive Me Wild - Christine Warren I am a big fan of this author have been since I discovered her when she wrote for Ellora's Cave. She and Lora Leigh were my first foray into the explicit paranormal romances. Warren writes romances exactly the way I like to read them--full of passion, hilarity, and with characters that leave an impression. Every time a book of hers comes out, I know I'm going to enjoy them over and over again, so I automatically buy them in print for me keeper shelf.When the title for this book was released, I was initially excited to see something new. Her last few books had been reprints of titles originally published digitally for Ellora's Cave, and I was looking forward to a new title. Unfortunately, this too, turned out to be a previously released story with a new title. Although I still have the previously purchased title, then called Fur For All, I purchased this title to see if there had been any changes to the original story. With the exception of an added scene at the end, this edition stayed true to the earlier publication.Tess Menzies is tasked with delivering a message to the leader of the Council of Others, Rafe De Santos. Following him home, she is caught off guard when Rafe turns the tables on her and demands answers. The attraction between them in instantaneously and dangerous: she's a witch, he's a Felix and their two races have been at odds for generations. Not to mention it was a witch who long ago cursed Rafe's species of cat shapeshifters. I really enjoyed this story. As I said other, Warren's characters all have original personalities that make me laugh out loud and witty and snarky comments that really keep me guessing. Her stories are also perfectly paced to entertain with the perfect balance of dialogue, action, and inner thoughts. The reader doesn't get bogged down with too many unnecessary details or drawn out scenes that make skipping pages necessary. My rating is only four stars despite how much I enjoyed this story. This is because it was basically the same story as the one I own digitally. There were no surprises. With the exception of one added scene--the scene where Tess is attacked in an alley way and a woman starts to berate her--everything else was as the original EC publication. I highly recommend Warren to those looking for fabulous romances with humor, smexiness and a world like no other!