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The Lass Wore Black - Karen Ranney Full review at Tempting ReadsCatriona was a hot mess. She whined, she complained, she threw fits. How could her life have gone so down hill; what would she do with herself now that she was no longer pretty! With each page turn, I wanted to slap her so hard and say "Bitch please!" I haven't been so fed up with a book and it's heroine since New Moon. Even the scenes where she was learning a lesson were motivated by self-interest behind them. For example, there is a scene around page 78 where Catriona thought being cheerful about her new ugliness, like her sister Jean, couldn't hurt. "After all Jean had gone on to become the Countess of Denbleigh..." Does anyone else hear the implication of that statement? That if a sister who was born ugly can marry well, how much better can one who was born pretty, but now scarred, fare. Maybe if there had been more information detailing the past circumstances that shaped Catriona, I would have been sympathetic. *review copy provided by publisher for honest review