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Sand Castle Bay - Sherryl Woods Full review at Tempting ReadsDespite the many conversations--internally and externally--this was an enjoyable read. Predictable in some ways, yet surprising in others. A story I'm sure would have been perfect for the Hallmark Channel. I didn't connect to it as much as I usually do though, which enhanced that feeling of distance. I think it was because there was too much talking. Besides the talking, this was a solid and well-rounded story. I would say it was more fiction with romantic elements than straight romance. A caution though: Boone and Emily get more of an happy for right now ending (which was satisfying enough) but the issues with the other characters weren't clearly resolved. There are two more books after this and I believe that none of the little threads introduced in this story will be fully resolved until the last one. Sand Castle Bay was a truly sweet story, one I'm sure will find a home with lovers of more emotional and internally conflicted stories.*review copy provided by publisher/author/promoter for honest review