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Murder on Olympus - Robert B. Warren Despite it being told from the view of the character, I couldn't get a good read on Plato. He seemed very one dimensional. Usually first person stories are well-rounded with the conversations and interactions a character has with others filling in personality bits. However, in this case, there weren't enough outside factors to ground this story. Which made understanding Plato and his motivations difficult. It wasn't a major issue but annoying enough because it prevented me from connecting to the character fully.Murder on Olympus wasn't altogether a terrible story, it just needed some more engagement with other characters and places. As I already mentioned, I picked it up for the mythological element and enjoyed it overall for the same reason. This part of the story made me continue with the story despite the minor issues I had with the character. This story was like reading an adult version of Percy Jackson or a male version of Charley Davidson; it had that same feeling of otherworldly-ness combined with self-inflicted drama. *review copy provided by publisher via Edelweiss for honest review