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'Twas the Night After Christmas

'Twas the Night after Christmas - Sabrina Jeffries Book started off good but the more I read, the less I liked Camilla. She came off as a busy body and her reasons for involving herself in Pierce's affairs didn't ring true. Also, the problem between Pierce and his mother, when discovered, was anticlimatic. All that trouble because she was afraid her husband would strip her son of his rightful inheritence? I'm not buying it. Although the book starts off really well, it plummets to okay with the heroine's unreasonable attempts to get the hero and his mother together and an anti-climatic resolution to the mystery of why they were separated in the first place. Fans of Jeffries will enjoy it for its ties to the other Hellion of Halstead Hall books and the brief glimpses of past characters.*review copy provided by publisher via Edelweiss