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The Importance of Being Wicked

The Importance of Being Wicked - Miranda Neville Rating: B-I have to admit I am giving this story a higher rating not because I was full on enjoying it (I did, definitely a C+) but I was greatly impressed with the way the author portrayed the characters and their actions in this story. Caro was a wonderful character to read about because she didn't do the expected. She wasn't one of the cookie cutter misses traditionally found in these romances. I do enjoy this traditional standard of historical romance occasionally. I grew up reading authors like Johanna Lindsey and Jude Deveraux and still enjoy them to this day. What I am saying is you don't realize something has become same ole, same ole until someone steps out of the box and makes you take notice. Of course, there were parts of this story that were silly and somewhat cheesy, with other parts of the story beyond the believable. I remembered thinking Caroline's references to Thomas as "Lord Stuffy" were getting old. However, these moments were eclipsed by the realistic portrayal of a couple falling in love despite opposite backgrounds, instances where the couple struggled with trust and secrets, and the moments when each character realized that love doesn't always mean a happy ending.