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The Witness

The Witness - Julia Whelan, Nora Roberts Listened to 5/29, no change in rating though. Even 3 stars for narration.Full review at Tempting ReadsAgain, this story and its narration weren't bad but it wasn't the enthralling experience I had hoped for. I don't think the narrator was terrible; in fact, I'm pretty sure I will listen to her again. I think the problem for me was this particular story. It wasn't one of Roberts' better stories (in my opinion); her contemporaries are often times hit or miss for me. I must admit for full disclosure the sticks I measure NR titles by are her J.D. Robb books. Those have the right combination of action, romance, and intrigue I love and most other NR titles fall short. And the narrator of those books, Susan Erickson, is a really tough act to follow.