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Love at First Sight: A Cupid, Texas Novel

Love at First Sight: A Cupid, Texas Novel - Lori Wilde Having finished this book, I am of two beliefs: 1) I don't believe in true insta-love and 2) contemporary Western romances are not for me. The idea that two people can at first glance, instantly fall in love and know the other is the One for them was a little hard for me to swallow in this book. Some books have made me a believer in the possiblity of love after an instant glance of attraction, but this book didn't convince me that within one moment's glance, these two people were forever in love and bound to each other.This book also narrowed down a problem that I had been having with contemporary western set romances: the tone. The opening chapter sets the tone of the novel in a little area with small town charm and thinking; the way it's described was like a cowboy historical romance. Yet within the next chapter a motorcycle roars into town and the language goes from reserved to hard core. The juxtaposition of old world thoughts and modern actions did not come together very well at all for me. The tone of this story was something I struggled with through the entire book as well. It wasn't a terrible read; I didn't hate it but I didn't come away filled with emotions of joy or excitment. Again, it goes back to the unbelievablity of insta-love and the mixted tone. I'm sure fans of other Wilde titles will enjoy this one as well.*review copy provided by publisher for honest review