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Convincing Quinn (Rock Hard, Book One)

Convincing Quinn  - Chloe Cole Rating C+Published by Ellora's CaveReleased November 2011Lead singer and guitarist Quinn Myles has a problem: she is in love with her two band mates, Rex and Beau. Rather than choose one of them and destroy their band and friendship, she refused them both. And regrets it. A lot. Finally, she decides she can no longer live with these desires and gives in to temptation. For one night she will get all she wants with no regrets, Beau and Rex together at one time. It will be the final chance to realize her dream of loving them before she leaves and tries to forget them. Together they were heat and fire; it was all Quinn imagined it to be. Plus something else. Something none of them had expected.I won't tell you what the three decide after their night together. Although if you read the next book in the series, you might find out for yourself. ;)This book was a very quick read, only about forty some pages, but they were good pages. I didn't feel as if the story was too rushed; it did help that the characters already had a connection before the story starts. There were only minor instances that kicked me out of the story, but these were brief and forgotten by the next page. And these instances involved the band mates and groupies. It is hard to believe that two men who profess to love one woman have no problem having sex with other women while their love is next door. Also, when Quinn decided to give in and join her band mates, she was apparently willing to join the two men and the groupie they were already with. I would have liked to seen more interaction between the characters and how this contributes to Quinn's decision. This story could have been improved with the addition of a few more pages. It was like a small slice of pie: satisfying but with room for more. :) NOTE: this book is a part of EC's Exotica imprint, which is their erotica line. Cover The cover for this book is some kind of hawt! However, it doesn't really give a good impression of what the book is about. I think it is geared toward reflecting the EC "Quickies" imprint than the story. It doesn't detract from the story but it doesn't add anything to it. Unless you buy your books based on the nakedness of the cover model. Then it is awesome and totally works!