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Archangel's Storm (Guild Hunter Series #5)

Archangel's Storm  - Nalini Singh We have all wondered about Jason and his darkness and shadows, and it was good to finally see his past. That being said, there was some things that made this 4 stars instead of 5. First, while each book can be read alone, there is a story arc through them all involving the other angels/archangels. This book felt more like a gateway novel than a story in its own right. I know readers need the background information to help understand somthing big is happening, I just wished that this story had more of an intimacy between the characters like the other books.Second, I wish there had been more information provided on Jason's history and his tattoo. We caught a glimpse of his mother and father through his flashbacks and thoughts, but I still felt unsatisfied. I would have liked to seen more of how his father went mad and why his mother stayed with him. Other than these two things, the book was still a favorite of mine. I love this series and I love Singh. She has a way of describing scenes with flowing words and sentences that take a reader to another level.