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Phantom Shadows (Immortal Guardians)

Phantom Shadows - Dianne Duvall Rating:BI have been waiting for Bastian's book since the end of Night Reigns. Phantom Shadows picks up not to long after the events in Night Reigns and it kept up its action and momentum. Bastian is unlike any of the other Immortal Guardians and they despise him in response. He goes out of his way to encourage their animosity. Only a few people like Bastian and only one understands him: Dr. Melanie Lipton. Melanie was a good fit for Bastian. She was strong, smart and willing to open herself to Bastian. I especially liked how she acknowledged her feelings for him and didn't let others opinions, including his, sway her. She trusted him and didn't waver back and forth like some other heroines in romances do. Bastian had some issues, a few moments of angst, but they weren't over the top and didn't make me feel as this was a "woe is me, everybody hates me, my life is terrible" story. Melanie acknowledges these issues but makes Bastian and those others who hate him realize that at his core, Bastian is a man of honor and worthy of respect.I really enjoyed this story, it had a wonderful blend of action, romance and emotional moments. The most exciting part, for me, was the characters. They were some of the most adult and realistic characters I had read in a paranormal romance in a very long time. I was very impressed, it did not disappoint! It was a wonderful addition to the Immortal Guardians books and I'm very excited to see where Duvall will take the series next.