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Songs for Perri (Sisters of Spirit #5)

Songs for Perri (Sisters of Spirit #5) - Nancy Radke Rating: D The Sisters of Spirit series involves several young women who attended Virginia Tech around the same time. The group was started by cousins Stormy and Perri and included mainly western girls. Jennel left the group to start her business before most of the others joined. Two of their friends, Mary and Alison, asked to be included. Perri travels to Mazatlan to help her step-father and finds intrigue and romance. Hugo knows someone must do the dirty jobs or the world would be a terrible place. Warning: Possible SpoilersWow. How to describe this book. The main issue I had with this book was the heroine was TSTL! Haven't seen those initials before or don't remember them? Let me help you: too stupid to live! This used to describe the heroines of Gothic romances and the horror movies when the heroine would go down the dark stairs in to the creepy basement and you just knew she was going to die. All because she was too stupid to see sense. With no training whatsoever, Perri--a merchandise buyer for retailers--heads to Mexico to rescue her brother because a caller said he was in trouble and needed her help. She doesn't question this, just books a flight and heads down south. While there, she meets several interesting people and believing everything they say and going out with some of them. She even starts falling for one of the men: Hugo. She begins to fall for him, telling him a little of her troubles; ignoring how he seems to know things about her and her family and has almost the same exact name as a man her mother mentioned in the past. I mean, come on! How many Hugos are there in the world that fit a physical description from your mother and know secrets and stories from your history? Needless to say this was a disappointment in more ways than one. Not only was the heroine TSTL, the rock star I wanted turned out to be some replica of Neil Diamond who made brief appearances as a singer but was more often than not, disguised as someone else every time you saw him. Based on the cover, I assumed that the majority of this book was about music and/or musicians, not a spy adventure in Mexico! Talk about confusing!And confused was how I spent the majority of this book. That and angry at the heroine for doing unbelievable things and not thinking before she acted. I originally chose it because the cover and title implied there was a rock star in it somewhere, fitting in with Rocktoberfest. (And because it was free.) I am glad I didn't pay for this (really glad) and I'm not quite sure if I should congratulate myself for finishing it or call myself an idiot. For me, the heroine's unbelievable actions alone would make this a bad read, but add in the lack of a feasible contemporary story line and it makes this an epic fail. *Review copy purchased