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Falling Stars (Falling Stars, #1)

Falling Stars (Falling Stars, #1) - Sadie Grubor Okay, this book and I did not click. For the life of me, I cannot figure out how the average rating is 4 stars. Christopher, is a total asshat. Okay, I get that he has issues in his past that he cannot get over, but is that any reason he is allowed to act and behave like an asshole to his friends and the girl he cannot stop thinking of? And, speaking of Mia, how come she lets Christopher get away with using her (for comfort, admittedly, not sex) and then treating her like shit the next second. *shaking head* I don't think I would have had as much of a problem with it, if either of the characters would had learned from their mistakes as the story went on. They didn't. They just kept circling the same track of angst, forgiveness, sex and hate. You may ask why if I didn't like it that much, did I give it the border rating? Because there were a few moments where I did enjoy this story. Where it seemed like everything flowed nicely: characters, dialogues, the story... Then Chris Asshat would come back into the game and I'd get depressed again. .