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A Cowboy for Christmas

A Cowboy for Christmas - Lori Wilde Rafferty was a unique hero in the world of Alpha males: he didn't let the circumstances of his early life make him bitter or an a*hole like other romances I've seen. He was very accepting but not beaten down, he made those difficulties learning curves instead of walls holding him back. He was supportive while not overwhelming Lissette, letting her find own way without making her feel abandoned. He was truly the best male character I've seen in a CONT ROM in a while.I would have liked to seen more details of the steps Lissette took to becoming a stronger person. It was told to us how much she gave in, being the middle child of course (author's words, not mine), yet I didn't see the progression. Not a bad contemporary romance overall. The author made me believe in the couple and the secondary character's issues as well. I didn't feel there was any unnecessary parts of the story and it wasn't bogged down with extraneous info.*review copy provided by publisher for honest review