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Immortal Ever After: An Argeneau Novel

Immortal Ever After - Lynsay Sands Full review at Tempting ReadsIt was fun and quirky, kicking off with the heroine trying to escape a madmen who keeps women in the basement. This story could have gotten gruesome, but Sands balances the right amount of humor and seriousness to keep the tone of previous books. Valerie (the heroine) was exactly the type of female I enjoy reading about, strong, determined, slightly off center. Through resourcefulness and creativity, she refused to be a victim and rescued herself and the other captives. Anders was a nice partner for her, too. He was her equal in will and strength, hidden beneath a taciturn and abrupt nature. He did warm up, the more he met with her, and when he came out of his shell, he was funny and witty. *review copy provided by publisher for honest review