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Styxx (Dark-Hunter Novels)

Styxx - Sherrilyn Kenyon As always, the talent of Kenyon leaves me breathless. This book was so heart wrenching I wanted to stop but the story was so enthralling I couldn't. I had wanted to hear Styxx's side of things but now that I have, I, like Acheron, am guilt ridden. He is truly worthy of being a hero. There really are three sides to every story.However, having finished this book (once you got to the last few chapters, everything happened QUICKLY), I'm left wondering, what's next? The major players from each pantheon that tortured the Dark-Hunters, Ash and Styxx have been dealt with. Is this book the last of the current story arc? Is there going to be a spin-off series? Have we caught up to the timeline with Nick, is he going to be the central figure of the next books like Ash has been for the current?Although I'm satisfied with the ending, I'm left with even more questions than before.