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Werewolf in Alaska: A Wild About You Novel

Werewolf in Alaska - Vicki Lewis Thompson 3.5 starsOriginally reviewed at Tempting ReadsI’ve been waiting since December for this story and now it’s here! Not only did it take place in one of my favorite states but it also had one my favorite paranormal elements in it: werewolves! I knew going in that I would enjoy the story because of those aspects and because Thompson has a talent for humor.And I did enjoy the story, with a few exceptions that were easily overcome as the story progressed. Jake was charismatic and passionate; he was a leader but his alpha-ness was more understated than typical werewolf novels. He didn’t go around proving he could beat up everybody or fighting off challenges; we got to see him on a more personal level instead of a reactionary one. Which was nice, as it allowed Rachel, funny and private, to show how she was just as in command as he was. They got to know each others strength and to communicate with one another, something that doesn’t always happen in romances. Even when they had a conflict, they didn’t go overboard with irrational claims and actions, they stopped and talked. That is always a good thing in a romance.The few exceptions to this were were a couple of minor things. First was the use of the word “juicy” to describe certain sexual scenes. I’m not a prude, but it was such a stark contrast to the rest of the words and the tone of the writing that it kicked me out of the story a couple of times. Second, I knew Jake struggled with his desire for Rachel and his feelings about human/were matings, but he seemed to get over his prejudice very quickly. Too quickly. It seemed as if he decided to indulge, throw out a lifetime of issues, and mate with Rachel within a few chapters of the end. This change made him seem a tad indecisive and created a momentary hesitation in regards to the two of them as a permanent couple.Again, these were minor things that I over looked because the story was good. Some people may have not noticed these things. I only did, because I’ve dealt with issues of prejudice and race in the past. I can admit I may be overly sensitive, but I can do that because books are personal to each person. :) Overall, I enjoyed this story; reading this brought back that feeling of discovery and awe I felt upon reading the first book in the series A Werewolf in Manhattan. It was funny, romantic, sweet, and sexy; the perfect recipe for a romance. Also, if you like audiobooks, you might check out this series narrated by Abby Craden. The narration brings out the humor even more.