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Enslaved (Eternal Guardians)

Enslaved - Elisabeth Naughton Rating: B+This book has a wonderful blend of mythology and romance. I even liked how the author took characters from Greek mythology and incorporated them into the story without changing their traditional characteristics. Most everyone knows that the Greek pantheon is full of beings similar to the mythological jinn: capricious, callous, and definitely not human despite their appearance. The only other story I've enjoyed the world building and use of historical/mythological representations this much has been the Kate Daniels series by Ilona Andrews. My one disappointment is in how it ended so abruptly. I was hoping for more of a dramatic moment, considering the Guardians had been fighting this villain for several books now. Despite its abrupt conclusion, it didn't feel like the author was just ending it for endings sake, it did make sense to the rest of the story. However, this ending did leave room for future story lines. It was still an amazing read--wonderfully written, page turning, romantic and sexy.*review copy provided by publisher through NetGalleyFull review available at http://temptingreads.blogspot.com/2012/11/release-day-review-enslaved.html