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Troubles and Treats (Chocolate Lovers, #3)

Troubles and Treats - Tara Sivec It's another Tara Sivec book of awesomeness! This time, it is Drew and Jenny's story. I could go into all of the reasons I enjoyed this story--the dirty language, the whack-job characters, the reality of the story--but that would just be filler. This book was amazing because Sivec gives it a sense of hilarity and realism that makes it relatable to everyone. It's not meant to be a serious tome that one is supposed to use to justify their existence. Instead, it is a story of family and love and growing up and realizing someone else's life is just as bad/funny/embarrassing/sick as yours! If you haven't read The Chocolate Lover's series before, go buy it now. All of the books are filled with awesome crude humor, people you know right now who you won't admit you know, and love, laughter and family. I knew I was going to like it before I read it because she hasn't disappointed. Not once; she always delivers the goods! This review could also be summed up as : Sivec is awesome, go buy her. :) "Hallelujah, and praise Paula Abdul!"*I received an ARC from author in exchange for an honest review.*