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Hunk for the Holidays

Hunk for the Holidays - Katie Lane I thought this was a cute if unsatisfying holiday romance. I had no problems with the individual Cassie and James--her desire to be seen as more than a pretty face, his determination to succeed despite an underprivileged past, her family's drama. They weren't as interesting together as the cast of secondary characters. Cassie's friends and family were all kinds of crazy fun. I found myself skimming the parts between Cassie and James to see more of her aunt Wheezie or her best friend Amy. Cassie and James weren't bad together, the steam between them was visible from twenty feet, but I felt the other character's personalities overshadowed their story. Still, Hunk for the Holidays was a light hearted romance with definite smokin' hot scenes and a cast of quirky characters sure to provide warm entertainment for a cold winters night!Review copy from publisher via NetGalley.*