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Now I Understand Romeo Must Die

The Misfortune Cookie - Laura Resnick

I've enjoyed every book in this series--they're witty, funny and filled with a cast of quirky characters that have no equal.  With each book, I come away with some little bit of knowledge or tidbit that  makes me a fabulous player of any trivia game and/or Pictionary. 


And with this book, I came away finally understanding the movie Romeo Must Die.  I never could understand how Jet Li's character went to prison for honor and why the father did what he did to "protect" the family.  The Misfortune Cookie explained the significance of family, honor, and appearance to certain cultures.  Reading it, I kept thinking, "this was in Romeo Must Die!"  The way certain families gathered together, the way they acted in public; it all made sense for me after reading this book.


As much as this book reminded me of the movie, it was a good story on it's own.  Not as good as some of the first books in the series, but a solid story that entertained me.  At times slow moving, it none the less kept me turning the pages to see how Esther and her cop got on.