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Don't Cry for Me (Rebel Ridge #2) - Sharon Sala,  Kathe Mazur 2013 Audie Award & RITA nominees2 stars story/2.5 stars narrationOriginally appeared on Tempting ReadsAlthough I have read this author before, this is my first read under her Sala pseudonym. It seems as if the Sala titles are a little darker? edgier? in tone than her McCall ones. I may or may not read another title under this name. Maybe if I didn’t listen to it, I won’t notice the minute details about setting that bothered me with this one. And, of course, train wrecks are awfull addictive ;) As for the narration, I don’t know if I will listen to another Mazur production. Maybe if she narrated a straight ROM SUS production, one with no humor, it might be better. I am still left wondering how this book became nominated [for a Audie], considering I have heard much better narrations. Maybe I need to look harder into what the requirements are for an Audie, maybe I’m overlooking something.