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By Design - Jayne Denker DNFI intially requested this title for review because the blurb sounded like a female empowerment romance. You know, the ones where the woman is tired of being in a rut so makes some positive changes in her life. After which a wonderful man enters the picture and enhances (not completes) her new life. And this book may have been exactly that, but I don't know. The heroine was too whiny and self-absorbed in these pages for me to like her and I ended up stopping around page 60 on my iPad. I seriously got tired of her poor me attitude and her extremely passive aggressive attitude. My boyfriend is stepping out with another girl, I'll get drunk and never see him again. Oh, well, he is cute and he is sorry I will forgive him and make dinner. My boss is a total asshat and ignores my ideas and treats me like a servant. I'll speak up with a client, only to cower when said boss takes me to task, so I'll go home and whine and drink. And this was all in those sixty some pages. I just couldn't stand the back and forth between assertiveness and timidity. I jumped ahead to the end to see if the heroine learned anything, and she did. But I couldn't make myself read any more to find exactly how she did it. *review copy provided by publisher via NetGalley for honest review