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He's the Man - M. Malone 3.5 starsReviewed at Tempting ReadsThe best thing about an M. Malone story is how smart they are. And that intelligence was most definitely present in this story. Penny and Matt were real characters, with real (and believable) fears. I can see exactly how and why they acted the way they did. I was right alongside of Penny and her fears for Matt’s safety being in the military. I saw Matt’s desire to do more with his life, to be somebody great. Malone does a good job, too, of portraying the seriousness facing soldier’s who have lost comrades and who have suffer serious injuries. I really liked that she didn’t attempt to fix all the associated problems in a short amount of time.I can admit towards the end, I was a little disappointed with the decision of Penny in regards to her job. She had argued with her family to pursue a career in physical therapy and worked really hard to establish a reputation of helping people to throw it away so callously. I know the intent was to show how far she had come in overcoming her fears and building a life with Matt but it did feel a little odd to me. I wanted Penny to have it all–the man, the career and the family.Regardless, this book was a wonderful contemporary romance, it had heart, family, romance, and passion. Fans of Bella Andre or Brenda Jackson are sure to enjoy this book.*review copy provided by request via NetGalley