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Hunter's Season - Thea Harrison First: I am a total Thea Harrison fan. From the first time I read Dragon Bound, the first of her Elder Racers series, I've been hooked. So there is a possible bias toward her stories. :) These books are sexy and fast paced. One minute I could be curling my toes in excitement and the next I could be on the edge of tears. I just gobble them up.This contribution to the Elder Races world was a little different though. It took me a few chapters in to realize that the action wasn't as prominent in this one. Unlike the edgier titles of before, this was more romantic and sweet. Not to say there wasn't action, there was, it just wasn't moving the story forward as noticeably as the past titles. In this case, the romance is leading the charge and the action/mystery is bringing up the rear. And what a nice break. Reading this made me realize how many Alpha-hole and Lone female ranger stories I've read lately. [Not to say that it was sexless; there were a couple of scenes that were on fire with hot sex and smoking chemistry. :)] Xanthe's strength was easily recognizable despite her unassuming demeanor. She didn't have to kill everybody around her or dress in black leather with a big gun strapped to her back for me to see her as strong. And Aubrey's commanding presence was just as apparent in his calm speech mannerisms, not by pissing contests to see who was the baddest Alpha. This story had a subtleness to the romance that the others lacked. It made the story much more enjoyable.My hesitation in giving it 5 stars is Aubrey's reaction's in the last few chapters. He tried to be this big, tough guy and use "Fuck" in every other sentence. This just didn't ring true for me and for his character. Other than that, I absolutely enjoyed the story! Although it makes me even more anxious for the November release of Lord's Fall, which continues the story of my favorite Elder Race character Dragos.A caution though: this is part of an ongoing series. While it is not necessary to have read the other novels, it would improve your enjoyment of this title if you have read the others. Hunter's Season mentions names and incidents that might not make sense otherwise.