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Dark Storm - Christine Feehan The first half of this book was like reading the series for the first time. I experienced that same sense of excitement and enthrallment that I had when I picked up Dark Prince for the first time. I enjoyed seeing each character's actions/reaction before they met the other. And once they met each other, I very much enjoyed how they connected and bonded.But around the middle, the story started getting stretched out and slow. There were definitely scenes I skimmed because they were boring or to detailed. The last half of the book fell flat for me. I also didn't like how certain coincidences emerged to resolve the ending and provide a link to the evergoing reason while Carpathian women can't/don't have children. I'm beginning to feel about this series like I do about Lora Leigh's breeds...Just go ahead and solve it already and move onto another issue. Overall, this book wasn't bad, but it was okay. I think I would have rather had the whole book just be "okay" rather than experience a great beginning only to see it fizzle in the end.