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Savage Hunger - Terry Spear Rating: C+Published by SourcebooksReleaseed October 2012Captain Kathleen McKnight is kidnapped and held hostage in a South American jungle, while trying to capture a drug lord. Connor Anderson, on his yearly vacation with his sister, hears her cries of pain and rushes off to rescue her. Shifting into his jaguar form, he fends off the kidnappers, only to leave her as her Army team shows up.A year later, Kathleen, now discharged from the army, returns to the jungle to find the man she can't forget and his "pet" jaguar. Connor hasn't forgotten Kathleen either, but knows the unlikelihood two of them being together. However, when Connor and his sister find Kathleen lost in the jungle, he can't resist the temptation to spend more time with her.The book to this point was fun and romantic. I especially enjoyed the suspense scenes, which is not the usual for me at all. Normally, suspense scenes are either too graphic for me or not suspenseful at all, if that makes sense. Sometimes it is not enough to hold my breath, sit on the edge of my seat and read on to see what happens; more like, I get more suspense driving down the road at rush hour. Here was just enough suspense to keep me turning the pages but not too much to take away from the romance. It is after Connor and his sister bring Kathleen to their home that the book started to fall flat for me. Maya, Connor's sister, scratches Kathleen and injects her with shapeshifter DNA, transforming her. And when Kathleen finds out, she just accepts it and her new shifter status, and joins in with Connor and Maya. She just accepts it?! This is hard to believe for me. Her whole life has just been changed forever, and she is okay with that? She doesn't resent Connor or Maya? She doesn't complain? No way. Not happening.After this, the book loses its charm for me and goes from wonderful to just okay. I have a difficult time believing that a strong, independent woman in charge of her life just meekly accepts the change someone else made for their life. This book wasn't bad; it had wonderful moments of humor and plenty of smokin' hot scenes. My feelings toward it were just not there after that beginning. For me, it didn't quite measure up to the promise implied in the beginning of the story.