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Three Schemes and a Scandal: A Novella - Maya Rodale Rating: BWhile a short read, I didn't notice a lack in the story or character development. I was a little confused in the beginning because of the way the chapters were laid out (as my copy is an uncorrected proof, I'm not sure if it is still like this), it was difficult to get into the story at first. Once I did, I really enjoyed Charlotte; she is the type of historical heroine I enjoy reading about--take charge, fun, quick witted, and unwilling to let society get in the way of her desires. James was the perfect mate for Charlotte, in that he did not try to change her or himself to fit in the proper notion of what love is.Even if you have never read any of the other Writing Girls books, you can still read this one. I've only read the first one, A Groom of One's Own, and didn't have any problems. It would probably enhance this story if you had read the others, but again, it was not necessary to the overall understanding.