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Rockstar - Lexi Adair Rating: B-With each rock star romance I read, I'm noticing a movement away from the Alphahole and toward the sensitive, extremely troubled man. It is either one extreme or the other. In this book, the hero Anthony was not like that, he was a little of both and it was a welcome change. Neither Anthony or Summer acted in ways I expected them too. I enjoyed thinking Summer was going to act like a bitch one minute and then do something else nice; I liked how Anthony could have been an ass but stopped and took a moment to think. It is rare that a character can surprise me, but Anthony and Summer did. I did wish there had been a more in depth glimpse into their backgrounds. We caught a brief one of Anthony's and his real life outside of music, but not so much of Summer's. Despite the predictable climax in the middle, I enjoyed this story. More and more I am looking for character driven stories rather than action or sexual ones. Not always, mind you, but more and more. ;) And the characters in Rockstar were interesting enough to keep me turning the page and to leave an impression after I had finished the book.