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Table for Two - Alexis Lauren,  Stephanie Nicole Rating: DNFI tried two times to like this book and it just did not happen. It was like reading a bad Harlequin crammed with every single romance trope known to man. I kept turning the page, not because it was an enthralling read, but to see what else the author tried to fit in the book.I read to location 1377 (or 58%) on my Kindle, and in that time our rock star hero and our chef threw a "Do you know who I am tantrum", had a bad meeting with our chef heroine, threw another tantrum (same as before), got drunk, had sex with a nameless girl (who turns out to be our chef heroine who never goes out but the gay best friend convinced her to live it up a little bit which was seconded by the male best friend who wants to be more than friends), gets her (our now named girl/heroine chef) pregnant, denies the paternity, changes his mind, they get along, and then she loses said baby.After this, I just couldn't finish the book.