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Midnight in Your Arms - Morgan Kelly Rating: C-I first discovered this title on Avonromance.com and then read the blurb comparing her to Jude Deveraux and snapped it up! I love Jude Deveraux, so I assumed I would enjoy this one.This book is similar to the one series of Jude Deveraux's I did not like at all: her Forever series. Like that book, this book has a time-traveling bit with lovers separated and the female struggling to get back to him. The beginning was very slow, with numerous descriptions of places and instances of telling instead of showing. At times, the descriptions and thoughts overlapped so much that I got confused as to what was going on. Thankfully, Midnight in Your Arms ended much better than the Forever series. I liked the last few chapters. The writing seemed to pick up, the descriptions were brief and spot on, and the characters shined. I can see the potential in this author's writing and will be keeping an eye out for future titles.*Review copy from Avon via Edelweiss