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One Fine Fireman (The Bachelor Firemen of San Gabriel, #0.5) - Jennifer Bernard This was a light and fun read, taking about an hour to read, but it packed a lot of story in a few short pages. It introduces Kirk, a firefighter also known as Thor, and the woman he has been in love with for six years, Maribel. He hasn't mentioned his feelings because Maribel is a single-mother engaged to be married. However, when Maribel's son finds a lost dog, Kirk gets the chance he has been waiting for to finally get the woman of his dreams to notice him. One Fine Fireman was sort of a prequel novel to the other Bachelor Fireman series and yet it reads almost like a stand alone story. You catch a glimpse of the characters and the connecting story arch from the previous titles, but it is only tantalizing hint. I'm not sure why this particular story didn't come out last spring when the first two did; it would have made more sense. There were a few little moments that bothered me--like the quickness of Maribel's "love" for Kirk so soon after dumping "Dumb Duncan" or the speed with which Maribel decided to get married and move with Kirk--but these were quickly forgotten with the antics and thoughts of Maribel's son Pete. That Harry Potter lovin' kid was adorable! All in all, a very cute and entertaining read.