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Text Appeal - Lexi Ryan 3.5 hearts!Riley Carter is a good girl working for her father in Las Vegas. She has as perfect boyfriend and soon hopes to have the perfect job, making her life just...perfect. She has a hidden naughty side, though, one that loves sexy lingerie and bad boys. Bad boys like her roommates brother Charlie Singleton. Charlie is a professional poker player with a bad boy reputation and dwindling sponsors. A chance meeting with Riley in sexy underwear store opens both of their eyes to the possibilities of taking a second look. Although parts of the story were predictable--the bad guy and the circumstances that separate Riley and Charlie--it was still an enjoyable and romantic read. The writing was smooth and there was nothing the characters did that upset me or kicked me out of the story. I liked watching Riley find her self-confidence and take charge of her dreams. I wish there had been more shown of the relationship between her and her father; there are a few scenes where it seems like he comes across as controlling when he really just has Riley's best interests in mind. And reading about this Charlie reminded me of devil may care and player named Charlie, one as seen on TV. Unlike that Charlie, this Charlie matured throughout the story and grew up. The story skimped on showing this development but it was apparent in his feelings for Riley that he was ready to settle down and stop looking for his place in the world. Although set in Las Vegas, this wasn't the dominating feature of the story. Sometimes when this location is used as a setting, it permeates every aspect of the characters lives. It was a nice change to see Vegas in snippets but not feel overwhelmed by the glitz. When I heard the author lowered the price for the length of this tour, I quickly hit the buy button. With the length and quality of the writing, it's a steel! ;) I enjoyed the characters and the path Riley and Charlie had to navigate to be together. I am hoping that Charlie's sister, Lacey will get her story someday (hint hint) and we will get to revisit Riley and Charlie as well. *I received a review copy in exchange for an honest review.*