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What Happens in Scotland - Jennifer McQuiston This story reminded me of Regency version of The Hangover, but without the crude humor and abundance of testosterone. Jamie and Georgette's attempts to discover their actions of the past night, and the discovery that they acted waaayyy out of character, were funny to see. Georgette realized she interacted with people several levels below her station and had her view of the world challenged. The scene with the new maid bathing in her bath and showing her business to the world was particularly hilarious. I did have a problem with the lack of background information on the characters. I would have enjoyed seeing more of the circumstances that made Georgette so wary of marriage. I know her previous husband was a womanizer and a drinker--it is mentioned several times how much she detests brandy because of him--but more flashbacks showing how she was mistreated would have added impact to her feelings. We were provided more information on Jamie's background than Georgette's. However, a few scenes showing the fight with his father that caused the eleven year rift wouldn't have gone amiss either.Instead, this story is firmly in the present, skimming over not only the two main character's backgrounds but the secondary characters as well. In one way, this adds a level of reality to the story. If this were real life, there would be no past knowledge of the major people. You would only know what was currently happening and what the person chose to tell you. On the other hand, in fiction, you tend to expect some level of omnipresence to fill in the missing gaps.Despite the lack of character history, I still enjoyed the overall story. I liked the fact that the hero wasn't perfect or majorly Alpha. He was just a man trying to establish his place in the world and atone for a rebellious past. Georgette was a young widow, burned by an unfeeling husband, and wanting a different future. The two of them together made sense, at least considering the details provided. This wasn't a story of two people who meet and fall instantly in love and then expect everything to be fabulous. It was a story of two people who meet under unusual circumstances, learn some inner truths, and discover they can build a life together, based on honesty and trust.*Review copy provided by publisher through Edelweiss for honest review