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Werewolf in Seattle (Wild About You Series #3) - Vicki Lewis Thompson,  Narrated by Abby Craden StoryThe first two books deal with full male weres falling in love humans with the obstacle obviously the difference between them. This is the first where the heroine is already knowledgeable about the paranormal elements as she is half were, half human. I was quite pleased with the honesty of Luna's character. The author could have made Luna hide it for most of the book, making it the main conflict. Instead, Luna admitted it the truth in the beginning, surprising me, and taking the story in a different route, which was nice.I am still debating how I feel about the way the author handled Colin's prejudice against humans and half-were matings. He admits it is hard to forgo years of rigid beliefs in a matter of days to accept her human half background; since he doesn't consider her mate material, I'm not sure why it is such an issue. He also sleeps with her really quickly, using her lack of were knowledge and were sexual experience as an excuse. This seems like a very quick (and illogical) outcome considering those beliefs. Even more worrisome for me was the fact that Luna just accepted his posturing. She says nothing negative against his contrary actions; just goes with it, continuing to satisfy their natural were urges. Whether this was due to her lack of were knowledge or her desire to be with Colin, I am still unclear.NarrationThe narrator's rendition of Colin's brogue wasn't very strong, and at times, sounded like a French accent instead of British/Scottish. The author described it as a light brogue with a heavier connotation during moments of great emotion. Also, the narrator's New Orleans accent resembled a southern accent true, however, I'm not sure it picked up the cadence of NOLA. In conversations where the ladies of inn were all together (with the exception of Luna, who's accent was quite distinctive), it was hard to distinguish between them. This, surprisingly, was not a problem for the range of male accents. Not even when both Scottish brothers spoke; I was still able to distinguish between the two of them.It was a cute story. The narration wasn't so terrible it detracted from the overall story. Nothing hard hitting but amusing for the 9+ hours it took to listen to it. These type of stories are funny and especially good to listen as they require no intense mental concentration while listening to them. Even better, as the series is loosely connected so you can pick up a book and read it out of order without getting lost.