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Dream Eyes - Jayne Ann Krentz Jayne Ann Krentz is an author whom I absolutely love! All her books feature heroines who smart, independent, and fiercely unique. I may also be a little biased because Krentz was once a librarian; gotta support my library peeps you know! :) When I pick up one of her titles, I have no doubts that I will greatly enjoy it and will be crying for more when I am done. Dream Eyes was no different.Dream Eyes picks up shortly where Copper Beach left off. Judson Coppersmith is recovering from a previous job that when downhill and left him betrayed and haunted with nightmares. Gwen Frazier has returned to Wilby, Oregon to help her friend and mentor, only to find her dead in her house with no apparent cause. Eerily similar to the nightmare of two years ago that caused her to leave in the first place. The cops seem to think Gwen is involved, although they cannot prove anything. Gwen calls in Judson's family to conduct her own investigation, hopefully putting her nightmares to rest. When Judson arrives in Wilby, he realizes there is more than this apparently simple murder; something that is probably connected to the murders of Gwen's friends two years ago. This is the second novel in her Dark Legacy novels featuring the Coppersmith family. It used to be she would come out with three connected titles a year, one under each of her pseudonyms, and a reader would not have to wait so long for the story to conclude. However, she has separated her series, with each one continuing a year later. I really looked forward to those connecting series; I didn't have to wait so long and the series were connected but no dependent on the previously published title to make sense. With Dream Eyes, it could be read as a stand-alone, but it referenced characters and instances from the first book. It had been so long since I had read Copper Beach that I had forgotten some of the important parts. This made reading Dreaming Eyes difficult, at least for me anyway. I hate the feeling I should know a character and don't. The author did weave in the pertinent details from the first book but this threw me off track and it was several chapters before I fully settled into the story. The story, despite its slow start, moved along quickly as Jud and Gwen connected. They were very much alike in personality, both were confident and extremely independent. Judson because of the nature of his paranormal talent and Gwen because of being orphaned at a fairly young age. Although much alike, each clearly had distinctive personalities that drew the reader into their story.Can you hear the but in there? The story fizzled for me during the last few chapters. The chemistry between Jud and Gwen was off the charts and they were working wonderfully together to solve her friend's death. Then the circumstances behind Gwen's friend's death got smothered under connection, after connection. The author tied her death to almost everything humanly possible in this story: Gwen's past at the Summerlight Academy, the murder's two years ago, one of Jud's cases, which tied it to Nightshade and J&J (whom the Coppersmith's had never heard of--which I find hard to believe...). As each connection was revealed, the suspension of my belief snapped, and the book lost some of its joy for me. I don't know if this was deliberately done to open the door for a future book or if it was an attempt to convey the far reaching tentacles of the Nightshade conspiracy; whatever it was for, it made the ending a disappointment. However, I still love JAK! I can always count on her books to provide a humorous, romantic, and out of this world experience.