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Candy From Strangers - Joey Jameson To start, I took a chance on this book. My preferred genre is romance. I have read books outside of this genre before and enjoyed them, but it is rare for those genre's not to have some element of romance in them to smooth out the rough edges. This book, however, was a little out of my comfort zone because of the thriller part. I read for relaxation and enjoyment and thrillers put me through so many ringers that I am usually drained to the point of exhaustion by the end. I was afraid this book would not have enough of the romantic traits I love to make this book enjoyable for me.However, while there were intimate moments, this was primarily a mystery/thriller read. And I didn't care. I was so caught up in Dylan's story I didn't notice this was not primarily a romance. This book was like reading a M/M version of Basic Instinct; it was chilling and yet compelling. There were times I had to put the book down and walk away because it got too intense for me. Then I would have to turn right back around and pick it back up because I had know what happened next. I didn't even mind this was written in first person! (First person usually bothers me because the character's voice is so different from mine and usually kicks me out of the story.) By the end of the story (and what an ending, totally didn't see it coming!), I was left feeling in the middle between being run over, stunned and yet exhilarated, an odd mixture let me tell you. Hours after reading it--as I type this--I'm still thinking about Dylan. I was really impressed with this book.*Review copy provided by publisher/promoter for honest review.