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King of the Damned - Juliana Stone Rowan is a witch who has denied her powers, wanting a different life from the expectations of being a part of the coven and fearing what she is capable of. Yet she returns to Salem when she has a feeling something is wrong with her beloved grandmother, only to find the woman missing, and a taciturn and mysterious stranger inside the house. When demons start attacking the house, she has no time for questions, they fight together, and open up a can of worms, involving not just Rowan's grandmother, but Rowan, her coven, and her family.When this book started, I was all excited because I had discovered a new paranormal romance to read. There are never enough for me; I read to fast and sometimes they seem the same story with different characters. So I was really excited to read this. The excitement faded into reserved enjoyment, however, after the first couple of chapters.I had no major problems with the plot, besides a little confusion as to why there were so many people involved. It seemed like every person that stepped into the scene has some significance (which I couldn't figure) that impacted the story. At times, I had to go back on my Kindle and revisit conversations between characters to see why they had said that now only made sense. It was a bit to keep up with. No, my issue was with Rowan's character. It was hard to believe Rowan goes from reserved with sketchy powers to kick-ass moves and a major power player in a matter of one chapter. She spent years denying her powers and her place among the other witches only to decide to own them and be top bitch when her grandmother is murdered? I don't think so. I'm not saying it didn't work for her; Rowan as fierce and take charge was awesome to see, it was just hard to believe she did such a 180 in such a short period of time. I didn't find many details to explain this switch and I would have liked to see more of her internal struggle than outer battles. I think this story might have been better for me if it had been first person from Rowan's point of view. In the case of Azaiel, I wish there had been more scenes with him. I felt as if there wasn't much description about him or his thoughts. We got only hints about his past--especially the relationship that made him Fallen--and glimpses of what attracted Rowan to him. I loved his scenes but they, too, felt internally incomplete internally. I wanted more of the turmoil and passion that had made him Fallen and now involved with Rowan.I haven't read the other books in the series (although I do own a few on my Kindle) so I am not sure if this is a continuing bad guy story arc or if it is a recurring group of characters. There were times I didn't get certain references to events or didn't know certain names. I would say read the other books before attempting this if you want to get the full picture. King of the Damned was still an good paranormal romance with a nice addition filled kick-ass action.*Review copy from publisher via Edelweiss.