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Deck the Halls With Love - Lorraine Heath It is Christmas time and the ton has gathered at the Duke of Keswick's house to celebrate the season. However, Wakefield isn't there to celebrate but to get the woman he loved and left because of honor and duty. Lady Meredith, on the other hand, is there to finally forget Wakefield and celebrate her betrothal. This story takes place almost immediately after Lord of Temptation and features the fiancee Lady Anne left to marry Lord Tristan, Alistair Wakefield, the Marquess of Chetwyn. I read Lord of Temptation, but I have to admit that I barely paid attention to Wakefield. Despite his prominent role, he did not stand out in that story for me. Thankfully, the author provided the necessary information so I didn't have to go back and reread LoT. Not much was done with the holiday aspect, no family gathering, no exchange of presents, or mention of Christmas spirit. This novella could have been any other time of the year. Not a bad thing, but I do expect something Christmas-y in a holiday titled book.Deck the Halls with Love was an okay read for the most part. Nothing outstanding but pleasant nonetheless. I really liked Wakefield. He was passionate, determined, Alpha without being a jerk, funny. He was the best part of this book. Meredith was (again) an okay heroine. She had the traits I most admire in my heroines--assertiveness, humor, intelligence--but they didn't seem to work for me with her. It's possible this was due to the length, not enough time to see her fully develop. Which is hard for me to believe because I enjoyed the hero in such a short period of time with no problem. Or it could be I felt Wakefield deserved better than her and I am a total hater.