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Five Golden Rings: A Christmas Collection - Sophie Barnes, Karen  Erickson, Rena Gregory, Sandra Jones, Vivienne Lorret Mistletoe Magic--Sophie BarnesI have tried to read this author in the past, without success. It's not because the writing is bad but I had problems connecting to the characters. I wanted to like Leonora and Connor but couldn't manage to work up much enthusiasm for them. It wasn't dissatisfaction with the characters actions but more towards apathy. The interest to know more about them was not there. His Perfect Gift--Karen EricksonI finished this story but did it grudgingly. I wished the heroine had shown more backbone towards the members of her family. Honestly, I was hoping the hero was playing a trick on the heroine and was in fact going to leave her and her horrible family in the dust. What really upset me was that the hero paid off the father's debts and accepted the assumptions of her family that he would take care of them and any other "problems" (i.e. the father's gambling debts) in the future. Really! I was incredulous that he accepted this as part of his due for loving Eleanor; and Eleanor (who before thought not to be a burden) was smiling and happy to have Ashton take care of all the family's problems. War of the Magi--Rena GregoryThis was a cute enemy to friends story. I wished there had been more explanation on the hero's background. I had trouble understanding why exactly he was in this town (as opposed to one of the others his family had holdings in) to look for a potential bride. If it was explained, I completely missed it. I understood where Ginny was coming from and I give props to her taking charge of Phin and trying to show him the light. She could have been snooty and mean with the lesson but she was kind and firm and funny.Her Christmas Knight--Sandra JonesThis, too, was another instance where I was apathetic towards the characters. Additional information on the heroine and hero's shared past might have peaked my interest, especially since it was such a defining moment in both their lives. I also didn't like the the sister Serena and saw no reason why the main heroine was so accepting of her.Tempting Mr. Weatherstone--Vivienne LorretThis story was my favorite. Immediately I connected with Pen and her desire for more out of her life. What person hasn't woke up one day, realizing that they're stuck in a rut and wanting to change? The author's voice was a good one as well; I liked the pacing of her words. There was an exact balance between drama, humor, romance, and intimacy. I will definitely be on the look out for more of her work in the future. *Review copy provided by publisher through Edelweiss for honest review.