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Sex and the Single Fireman - Jennifer Bernard It's another tale of the Bachelor Firemen of San Gabriel! This time, it is the story of one of the few women in the group. I can admit to an higher expectation with this title than the previous one I had read (The Fireman Who Loved Me) because it focused on a woman firefighter instead of the traditionally male one.This story, I discovered, was more emotional than that other story with most the conflict being internal rather than external. There were a few outside problems that affected the plot--the infamous popularity of the firemen, several fire emergencies, the town itself-- but most of the conflict was how Roman and Sabina dealt with their own feelings from past mistakes, heartbreaks, and disappointments. One particularly interesting element was how the characters did not overcome all of their emotional issues, as most characters in romance tend to do. Instead, they learned from each other how to be strong and live with the problems they have. Not all problems in this world are easily overcome, some are with a person until the day. There are some things in life that are not insurmountable and shouldn't be. I felt the characters did a good job of demonstrating how to live and love despite the fears and issues that impact everyday life.That being said, I was enjoying the story up until the ending. Seriously, how the author resolved the hero's fears of having (another) firefighter wife was enough to wipe out the beginning's warm feelings. I won't say exactly how it ended because of spoilers, but it really got me down. The most annoying part was the lack of conversation between Roman and Sabina. He made his decision and then did it. Even more upsetting was how okay Sabina was with this decision. I know she wanted what was best for Roman, but come on! I don't know too many couples who aren't offended by their partner making life changing decisions without first discussing with the other partner. I can understand Roman feeling like he did; he has a son and his own personal well-being to consider, but I don't understand why he did it the way he did. I was glad the author revisited a few of the characters from previous books, too. It lightened the mood in areas and kept the book from becoming too dramatic or serious. Sometimes previous characters's appearances can distract from the current story but that wasn't the case here. These characters complemented the main story very nicely.Overall, it was difficult to see such an entertaining story resolve in such a flat way. This completely overshadowed my entire feelings of the whole book. The beginning had the makings of a well rounded story: emotional, witty, funny, romantic. *sigh* That ending though... I can admit to the possibility that I may be overly severe in my opinion because I had such high expectations. I tend to do this with stories featuring heroines in strong roles. Nonetheless, it was a good story, just not the great one I was hoping for.