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The Earl in My Bed - Sophie Jordan This story is listed as a novella in the forgotten princesses series, after Lessons from a Scandalous Bride, and not having read that book, I can't tell you how the characters here are connected there. I can tell you it would have been helpful to have some knowledge of the previous books as the author jumps right into the action and crams a lot of details into such a short story. Paget (would someone please tell me how this name is pronounced and where it originated from) was an okay heroine. There was nothing memorable (besides her name) that stood out in my mind about her. Jamie is better, with his taciturn appearance hiding a passionate nature. He reminded me of Colin Firth's Mr. Darcy. Especially in the part at the end where he's doing all he can to convince Paget to marry him. There's a scene here that made my heart skip it was so romantic: "He flung his clothes to the floor and hauled her against him. 'I want you to love me like I love you!'"My problems with this story stem from how quick Paget and Jamie delve into a relationship. Admittedly they knew each other as children but Paget was closer to his brother Owen. Paget and Jamie did not get along and had no communication during their teen years and while he was away. Yet we are expected to believe in a matter of day, the couple have realized their undying love for one another and hop right into bed. If done well, the insta-love can be believable; but I didn't feel there was enough explanation or background to explain how they suddenly acted on feelings they've apparently always had for one another, despite their animosity towards one another as kids. (And isn't that the longest sentence ever!)Regardless, the faults with this story were overcome with the ending. For me, the ending made the whole book worth reading. I REALLY loved it. How many romances have the heroine making a grand gesture toward the heroine? We need more romances with these types of scenes from our heroes. *Review copy provided by publisher through Edelweiss