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A Howl for a Highlander - Terry Spear Full review at Tempting ReadsOverall, I would have liked to see more. The ending was a particular disappointment as well. It seemed to wrap up too quickly and neatly. Very neatly, with almost no effort on the hero's part. I don't know how Duncan wasn't disappointed that all his months of hard work were solved in a matter of minutes and through the bad guy's own decision. The bad guy's decision pushed the realm of believable for me; with a few words, Duncan convinces the bad guy that the only way to save his wife (whom he cheated on repeatedly and hardly saw) was to do what he did. I just couldn't believe it, and made the story all the more disappointing for me. However, it wasn't so disappointing that it will keep me reading Spear in the future.*review copy provided by publisher via NetGalley