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The Trouble With Valentine's Day - Rachel Gibson This was not one of my favorite Gibson titles. For one thing, the hockey descriptions and comedic timing she is known for was no where to be found. And for another, there was too much background provided on Rob, the hero, and, as a result, made it difficult to like him. Since there was so much background provided, it also made it difficult to believe in the feasibility of a relationship with Kate. I mean, if he loved his first wife, yet still cheated because of the opportunity, how was he going to be like with Kate?Speaking of Kate, she didn't come off as a definite character in this story. It starts out with her wanting to make a change and make a new start for herself, but the story doesn't show her doing anything different. By the end of the book, Kate still doesn't have a plan for her life beside marriage to Rob.I finished the book, a feat in itself, but I probably won't be rereading it. I will stick to the later Chinooks' books.*review copy provided by publisher for honest review