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The Duke Diaries - Sophia Nash Full review at Tempting ReadsDespite the enthusiasm of the blurb, this story wasn't filled with page after page of wicked entertainment. It was more like a slow burning fire that flared bright once and then settled back into a steady glow. Which is not a bad thing; some romances tend to start off with impact and then fizzle into nothing and others start off terrible and only get better several pages before the end. This was a nice romance that had a wonderful build up to a great moment and then steadied back nice and steady. It was a quite enjoyable romance story, the characters were all very pleasant. I liked Verity and Rory, both as individuals and as a couple, although I didn't see the progression from friends to lovers to in love. The ending to this story was more happy for now that showed the promise for happily ever after which made for a nice change.*review copy provided by publisher for honest review